How to Design a Valentine-themed Mini Session

With Valentine’s Day right away the corner and you’re a children’s photographer, then chances are you are right smack dab in the middle of planning Valentine-themed mini sessions. The problem is,so is everyone else! So how do you design and plan a mini session event so special, fun, and unique that it will leave your clients raving until next Valentine’s Day?

We’ve gathered together some fabulous inspiration for three out-of-the-box themes + helpful tips to make the most of your mini sessions!

This theme is great for both boys and girls and is especially suited for babies (they don’t wiggle nearly as much when kissed!) and siblings (sisters love to torment their brothers with kisses!).

THINK: A little bit of Lucy’s booth from Charlie Brown/Lemonade stand mixed with some vintage charm with a splash of spunk thrown in.
Combine rustic elements, such a hand-made booth or wooden crate, with a chalkboard sign and lots of bright red lipstick!

Left Photo Credit: Pinterest, Unknown |  Right Photo Credit: Ashley Uhl

Photo Credit: Ariana Falerni

Left Photo Credit: Austin Pike | Right Photo Credit: Kamieo Fox
This theme is such fun and is perfect for little boys! It’s a great way to take a typically “girly” holiday and actually get the boys excited to have their picture taken.
THINK: Motorcycles and a grungy, urban vibe. The movie “Grease”, except without all the singing. But just as much hair product!
PROPS: Temporary tattoos, black (or pink!) leather vests or jackets, plain white T’s, newspapers as backgrounds, hair gel, fedoras, stripped leggings.

Photo Credit: Shannon Ho

Photo Credit: Brittany Stover

Photo Credit: Life’s Simple Things Photography

A favorite for parents, this one is fun and flirty and works great for older children. It’s easy to incorporate props and clothing you may already have on hand.
THINK: A romantic date night, but kid-sized! New Year’s Eve sparkles and sunny afternoon picnic at the park.
PROPS: Suits and frilly/twirly dresses, roses, chocolate boxes, red and pink balloons, confetti, top hats, sunglasses.

Photo Credit: Oscar Insua

Photo Credit: Double Take Photography

Photo Credit: Gabriela Walker

Left Photo Credit: Southern Charm Portraits | Right Photo Credit: Artsy Tartsy Photography

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Being Boutique - I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time finding ideas for boys. I think these are some fantastic and easily adaptable themes for your sessions. Be sure to let me know if you get to use any of them!

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