A Touch of Sassy | Exclusive Inspired Session featuring Michelle Moore

I first fell in love with Michelle Moore when one of her gorgeous senior images was shared by a Facebook page that I followed. In a matter of second I had clicked through and “liked” her page and spent the next half hour going through all of her archives. This gal is one of the top senior photographers out there and is the epitome of bold, fresh, and sassy, and her photography is pretty good, too!

This Inspired Session is especially awesome because it is a never-before-seen EXCLUSIVE only here Being Boutique. Swoon! So get ready for some gorgeous pictures and a fun interview from the one and only Michelle Moore!

BEING BOUTIQUE: So, tell us a little about yourself?

MICHELLE: I’m a natural light High School Senior Portrait Photographer – as well as a fashion, editorial and commercial Photographer based in Seattle.  I’ve been shooting for almost a decade – and professionally full-time for 7 years this August.  It’s been an amazing journey!  Last year I came out with my first product – a PDF based learning tool for Photographers, called the POSING & MOORE guide – which is a workshop in a book to help teach the ins and outs of getting beautiful and natural poses from your teen clients.

BEING BOUTIQUE: How have you set you and your business apart from the crowd?

MICHELLE: From day 1 I included makeup services for my senior portrait sessions.  It gave my work consistency and a high quality that I quickly became renowned for.  At the time, including makeup in senior portraits was a brand-new concept and gave me a unique factor that allowed my business to take off.

BEING BOUTIQUE: What is your go-to favorite lens?

MICHELLE MORE: Currently, my 85mm 1.2L – it’s a MUST HAVE for portrait sessions if you want beautiful creamy bokeh!!

BEING BOUTIQUE: What are your guiding business principles?

MICHELLE: Be consistent in everything you do.  Manage your client’s expectations and over-deliver.  Customer service is the #1 most important thing – that and delivering beautiful quality work. <– that’s a tweetable!

BEING BOUTIQUE: What three things do you make sure to always do with every session?

MICHELLE: Allow my clients to feel comfortable and have fun having their portrait taken.  Help them feel beautiful!  Capture a range of my “must have” shots – while also playing creatively with artistic compositions.

BEING BOUTIQUE: Tell me, what has been your most rewarding moment as a photographer?

MICHELLE: The ones that always stand out to me the most are when I get an email from a (senior portrait) client’s mom after the shoot saying that her daughter had never felt more amazing or special.  That’s when I know I did my job well.

BEING BOUTIQUE: You work with such amazing people! Who has been your favorite client to work with?

MICHELLE: That is a tough one – I have many favorite clients and shoots!!  Working with Jill Andersen of Horseshoe Boutique has always been an amazing experience.  As one of my fashion clients (and longtime friend) her artistic eye and vision is unparalleled.  I love bringing her stories and ideas to life.  When you work with someone who sees exactly what they want, and you click with them and understand their vision, work never feels like work!

BEING BOUTIQUE: What’s something few people know about you?

MICHELLE: Even though I’m a social creature and LOVE meeting new people – I’m also very much a homebody at heart.  I am perfectly content curled up in my favorite sweats on the couch with my husband eating pizza and watching TV!!

BEING BOUTIQUE: If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be? Why?

MICHELLE: I would either be a brand/business consultant (helping people build their business, and marketing ideas, etc.) – or some kind of producer, whether it was music, film or photography related.  I love to organize and promote!!

BEING BOUTIQUE: What are your business goals for this year?

MICHELLE: I’m very excited to be growing my business by hiring someone for my team!  I’m also working on my next product, as well as teaching.  I’m very excited for the year ahead!

BEING BOUTIQUE: What made this session so special that you wanted to share it with us?

MICHELLE: I wanted to share this session for a few reasons!  One, the power of simple marketing.  I met this client when I was out shopping for a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding.  It pays off to be friendly and chatty with people!  You never know where you might meet your next client!!  Two, we had a rare situation when we got rained out halfway through our shoot.  The wind and rain got to be too much, and we had to stop before we were able to shoot the last outfit.  I asked her to come back so we could shoot it, and a month later we had a second mini-shoot.  It was totally worth it, and she got an extra set of outfits and backgrounds!!

Michelle Moore is a fashion editorial and high school senior portrait photographer working in both Seattle and Los Angeles. She is an internationally respected senior portrait photographer and is highly sought out for her portrait services. Michelle loves helping high school seniors reveal their inner and outer beauty during her unique boutique like portrait experience. In 2012 Michelle released her first product for Photographers; POSING & MOOREthe first official non posing, posing-guide for teen portrait photography.  She will also be teaching at the 2013 Seniorologie Tour in San Diego, CA April 28-30 alongside 4 other top Senior Portrait Photographers.

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