Monthly Archives: March 2013

Celebrating Childhood | Inspired Session with Goldenview Photography

There is something so special and magical about children’s portraits. Photographer Karina Vaandering of Goldenview Photography has the ability to capture this special time of innocence and wide-eyed wonder, and she shares that in today’s Featured Session. During the interview Karina shares how she loves to infuse her sessions with personality and color and you…

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What can you do in five minutes?

This post is for me. I’ll go ahead and admit it right now. While I am quite organized and a great multi-tasker, I am also one of the worse procrastinators you’ll ever meet and constantly find myself putting things off for later. The problem is “later” never seems to comes. In all honesty though, it’s…

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Go With the Flow: Transitional Posing Made Easy

Transitional posing is one of those things that most of us are already doing without even realizing. We position our clients in a certain pose, take the shot, then move this arm, take the shot, have them hug, take the shot, look the other way, take the shot… on and on. Transitional posing is all…

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