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Setting Business Hours that Work for You

Do you find yourself answering client emails after the kids have already gone to bed instead of relaxing after a hard day’s work? Ideally, we would be able to work as photographers during normal business hours and then shut things down and not pick them back up again until the next day. However, the easy…

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Knowing When to Splurge and When to Save

All you have to do is look over at the Vendor List to know that there are literally hundreds of resources and products available to photographers. Most of the products out there really can benefit your business and help stimulate phenomenal growth, enhance the client experience, and help keep you both sane and successful. However,…

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5 Ways to Stay Busy During the Slow Season

It happens every January without fail since the beginning of time (or so it seems)… the slow season. With the holidays over, people are coming home from vacation, starting back to work, the kids go back to school, credit card bills start arriving for all those last-minute gifts, and an extra three pounds show up…

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